Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Who wants a giveawaaaaaay?!?!?!

A few weeks ago I was finally able to do a little something in terms of minis. It isn't much or anything fancy shmancy, but I hope you like it. This is what I'd like to give you in the form of a giveaway. Yippee, my first!!!   LOL  

There are no rules. The only thing I ask is that if you are becoming a new follower you are doing it because you are actually interested in my blog, and not for any other reason. I know sometimes people wonder if you need to have a blog of your own, but for me you do not need to. It seems unfair to put limitations because I've met and shared so many things with people, with and without blogs. Everyone shares the same passion and interest for this hobby, and not having a blog doesn't make you any less likely to share your knowledge, feedback, experience, swaps, gifts, etc. So, come one, come all and have fun. LOL

Now on to what we've gathered here for....lol.......
This is what I have for now. I feel like it's missing something, so if I can I will try and figure out what that is and add it.

Here are a few close ups. These are just a few decorative items. You know how I like old and worn...lol. I tried giving these an old patina look instead of my usual rust. The little white one is some sort of dish I put together and painted white. It still needs a few touch ups, and I'm not sure if I should give it some wear.

Flowers close ups. These you've seen before and some of you seemed to like them so I made these for the giveaway.

And here is a pic of the inside of the buffet table. The paper on the doors is the same as on the top.

I almost forgot, I have to set a date for this thing...lol. I'm not feeling any of the days in June without making this giveaway too short, so I'll go into July. You can participate until July 5th. I'll do the draw on the 6th (my mom's b-day). Good luck!!!   =)

Have a beautiful day!