Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RL Update...

Hello all you fabulous people!!!  =D

I know it's been some months since I've been around, but believe me, not by choice. It's too much to get into right now, but there have been some serious issues with my BF's family.

I miss everyone and I miss blogging. =(  I'd like to thank those of you that have sent me messages or left comments. No, I haven't jumped off any cliffs....yet. LOL  My poor blog has been abandoned so soon after it's birth, and I feel horrible. Discovering minis and all of you has made me very happy and it's what takes my mind off all the mundane. At the moment I can't do any of it. 1) because the in-laws are occupying the space where I have all my things, and 2) my spirits are down. =(

Anywho, I just wanted to let you all know what's going on and I also what to thank you for not abandoning me. Even though I didn't get a chance to show you much I still have people joining my blog. It makes me very happy to know you're still interested and are willing to give me a chance. I hope I don't disappoint you when I am able to return.

I have been trying to catch up on all your blogs. I have months of many blogs to read, but I am enjoying every minute I can read one of your blogs. I'm awed by all the creativity and how busy everyone has been. I've fallen in love with some many wonderful things I've seen!!!

I hope you all have a week full of love, peace and hopefully some warm sunshine.  =)