Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some more firsts....

I made some of these some time ago to send to the fabulous Katie of ( That perfectly aged bench you see in the photo is made by her. 

That "heart" you see in the yellow flowerpot is supposed to be a "V".  lol  The two V's were part of a swap I also did a few months ago. I should probably take photos of what I received and post about it. =)

Aside from the "rusty" look, I also really like the "mossy" I have other things I want to moss just haven't gotten around to it. There isn't much to show here but I do hope you like it!  =)

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


  1. ....thought I'd try and comment again!

    I still love your mossy things and can't wait to see what else you decide to moss! The little trees are too cute!

    ...posting as anonymous... but it's me Katie:)

  2. beautiful! I also like the rustic style and I love the moss! I have the chance to have your picture, with C, my initial, with moss. I love it! Thanks!
    a good start to the week, to you!

  3. Wow how wonderful ... I like a lot sopratuttoi piantje vessels with different shapes. Make a lot of shabby-chic

  4. Love these mossy objects! Very cute!

  5. It's so interesting to be able to see your miniatures now. Great work!

  6. Great 'mossy things'! The little heart in the yellow pot is just so cute. Gill x