Thursday, September 22, 2011

For Jenya

This is what I used to decorate the hutch. As you can see, you can cut them up to whatever design you like. I found them where Michaels has all the little packages of small decorative buttons. Lately, it seems that they keep changing things around so I can't give you a specific aisle. I just go around the store looking for them. Which, BTW, I haven't seen them in a while.


  1. These are really pretty and I love how you've used them on the cabinets:)

    ...and Micheal's does that on purpose! I used to work there!- Bt they move things to get you to walk around and look at things. It really sucked when it came time to re-shop items! It was a really entertaining game of hide and go seek- But hey! Learnt lots walking around:) LOL


  2. These are great 'pieces' of decor!

  3. Those are great. I never even thought of looking for that. Maybe in the scrapbook isle too. You could use those as page corners. So maybe I'll try looking in there. It's so funny that we both have yorkies. Aren't they the sweetest!
    Hugs to you and Romeo!

  4. Thanx Katie. And yes, it is hide and go seek every =)

    Thank you Eliana! =)

    Yes Caroline they are. My Romeo is all love and affection. It's really funny how he comes to me when he wants some lovin' and then just gets up and walks away when he's had =)

  5. those are great!Maybe I can use them on my stair risers?

  6. Nunca los he visto...Pero aquí no es raro que no encuentre esos tesoros ) =
    Pero se debe ver muy linda con una repisa sobre ellas ,para cualquier muro ( =
    Un besito