Thursday, September 15, 2011

1 table, 2 tables, 3 tables.....

I'm still trying to achieve that worn look. I read somewhere that using metallic paste (went looking for it, didn't find it, still don't know what it is) gives the effect of age and depth. It also said that shoe polish can be used as an alternative. So, I found shoe polish! And I must not know how to use it because it was not pretty after applying it. To use it, I ended up dabbing off most of it on a paper towel and applying it with a stiff paintbrush. That's what you see on the round table. I'm not sure if I like it much. It doesn't look as 'dirty' or worn as I've seen around.

I made the base with wood beads and a part of earring, which I also tried to give a little rust to.

I don't see using table two in what seems like is going to be my forever unfinished dollhouse. I whitewashed this one and still want to add some sort of writing/phrase along the round edge. Maybe in the future I'll be able to buy a smaller cottage type house and try my hand at beach cottage shabby.

And table numero 3.....
I see I need to touch up those white spots. =)

I'll seal them when I'm sure of the final look.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!


  1. So cute! I think you achieved the worn look on the white table really well. I'm about to try out some "glazes" by diluting acrylic paints with medium. Hopefully it will give me that elusive shabby, but classy look :)
    On the blue table maybe you could decoupage a sentence from scrapbooking paper. I just did that and it turned out adorable.
    Love your work!

  2. TY Jenya! =) I hope to see yours.

  3. Que mesas más bonitas Iris!!
    Haces miniaturas maravillosas Ü
    Un beso

  4. 3 mesas, 3 estilos... 3 preciosidades!
    Un abrazo

  5. You have done a good job. I use bitumen to age my furniture, real and mini. It's an oil based colour which you can mix with wax. Give a good rub, let it dry and then polish with a woollen cloth.It needs some elbow grease but it works wonderfully. Keep having fun, Rosanna

  6. Gracias Flor! Me da mucho gusto que me visites...jajaja

  7. Thank you for the advice Rosanna. I used fine grade steel wool to apply the shoe polish, but it just turned into a mess. =)

  8. Muy bonitas,me gustan, yo las veo muy bien, yo primero lijo, con lija fina y despues betún de judea mezclado con cera y como se ensucia bastante, antes que se seque le retiro bastante

  9. Iris, I like all three! I love the rust on table one. Can't wait to see the writing on table two and the last one is just plain cute! Keep up the good work.

  10. I think you have done a darn good job too! The 1st table is very nicely done. The rusty bits are very convincing.

    By the way, fingers are good tools for distressing :). And sandpaper. Mostly I use paint brushes too.

  11. Your tables are great. My favourite is the first one, I think the look is very good.

  12. Iris, son preciosas las tres, como para decidirse por una :-) Me encantan los toques que les has dado a cada una.
    Si puedes encontrarlo, en vez de Betún de Judéa, prueba con "Pardo Van Dyck". Es igual y lo venden también en botecitos. El Betún de Judéa da un tono más oscuro mientras que el Pardo Van Dyck hace que la veladura sea mucho más suave. Lo puedes mezclar también con cera porque se usan los dos de la misma manera, pero a mí me gusta bastante más el resultado. También puedes usar como veladura alguna pintura al óleo disuelta con trementina. Algún tipo de "tierra" o un "verde vejiga". Dan unos tonos fantásticos :-)
    Un beso.

  13. All three of them are very pretty! I love them. You do fantastic work!

  14. The first table is fantastic.
    Bye Faby

  15. Hola Guapisima:
    ¡¡ Me encanan !!
    tres tipos de mesas diferentes ,una para distintos tipos de decoracion !!
    La verdad Iris, son todas fantasticas !!
    quizà aun no has encontrado la tecnica ,pero el resultado es precioso !!!
    No tienen nada que envidiar a otras mesas !!
    enhorabuena guapisima !!!
    Tienes muchisimo talento !!

    .. * . (\ *** /) * . * Un besito
    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . cielo
    .* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . que tengas
    .* . * . /___\ * . . un buen dia

  16. These tables are very cute! I usually just use paints layered for that old look and I put it on with my finger. The brush usually adds too much. A super thing to use is stamping inking pads. I use a brown one the most. It's great for edges and it adds just the right amount.

  17. Guau!!! Iris, son unos trabajos muy buenos. Preciosas todas y muy bien hechas !! Cuanto has tardado en enseñarnos tus maravillas !!! y por fin , ya tenemos tu bblog!!! GRACIAS y Felicidades